Friday, August 12, 2011

Home Decorators

Since the Mr and I bought our new house over a year ago, I have purchased two pieces of furniture from Home Decorators. Here's a little feedback when ordering from this company:

1. Shipping and delivery was extremely easy. There delivery people were reliable (though both were complete sour pusses) and their customer service team on the phone was delightful. This is how our credenza arrived: in three giant already assembled pieces:
2. The quality of the furniture is good and the look is great in my opinion especially at their prices (be sure and watch for sales!). Downside: the doors on their pieces never seem to hang just right :(
I do love the final product however and am SO glad that I ordered it after months of stewing on it!
This cabinet we ordered for our bathroom:
Though we are overall pleased with the final product-love the finish, the extra storage and the size-it nearly destroyed our marriage when it came to putting this thing together!
3. Beware of really detailed assembly instructions on certain pieces. Don't know that we would survive another one.

Overall, I highly recommend. Now get shopping...

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