Friday, April 13, 2012

My Mom Room

I am absolutely in love with designing homes. I remember being fourteen years old and drawing a blueprint of our new family home so I could layout where everything would or could go. Maybe I am a compulsive organizer and nester? :)

Even funnier is that I married a man who loves homes as much as I do. We constantly are adding to and changing a design for our "dream home." 

 One room that I like to constantly think about is my "Mom Room." Growing up, it was always strange to me that my Dad had an office to bay bills, store paperwork but Mom didn't really have a place to store all her wrapping paper, presents for friends or holidays that she'd collect throughout the year, craft stuff, etc. In essence, it's a little like Santa's workshop, only JUST FOR THE MOM.

Here are some ideas that I think about for my one day Mom Room:

I don't really do many crafts but I would still like to borrow several features from this room: