Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Manly Desk

My newest little project is that I am trying to help my Mom redecorate a room in her house for my Dad's new office. She's selected my favorite gray for the room, Bedford gray, which is now up on the walls but still is trying to piece together some of the furniture in the room. Item #1, a desk!

So I have gone on the hunt for an affordable, modern somewhat masculine desk for the room. Their main stipulations are 
1) It be easy to hide chords
2) The desk should have a few drawers for pens, letter opener, etc.
3) It look good on all sides as it will be placed off the wall facing the rest of the room. 

Here are a few I have found so far:
 1. Overstock's President Writing Desk $359.99 (which is actually a knock off of Crate & Barrel's Ainsworth Desk which sells for $1199.00)

6. Ballard Design's Bouclier Desk $949 (***available in lots of finishes!)

I'm excited to hear which one suits their style & needs the most. Keep you posted!

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