Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Calpe, Spain

Back in December, I spent a week in Calpe, Spain for work. Calpe looks like it would be an incredible party spot in the summer since it's perfectly situated on the beautiful Mediterranean; however, in December it was a complete ghost town. My coworker described it perfectly, "it feels like Galveston after a hurricane." Litterally. No people. No open restaurants. No shops. Deserted. 

One day however, we were able to break away from the conference room to go hiking with some of our team members and sponsors. In Calpe just along the coast, there is a giant hill that juts out into the water and overlooks the coast, beach and their big boardwalk. 

On our hike up this point, it started to rain. While huffing it up the hill, we turned around to see this beautiful rainbow arching over the entire city and the water. It was incredible. Here is a picture of me at the top of the point looking down over Calpe and the rainbow:

As I keep looking back at the pictures from that day, I keep thinking about all the other colorful photos I've seen as of late. Instead of a colorful piece of art, why not blow up and frame a few photos that look something like this:
For more colorful photos, check out my Pinterest board. Have a Happy Thursday!

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