Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Unique not Different

My grandmother is the sweetest little ole Southern lady. I can say that I have never heard one negative thing come out of her mouth but that doesn't mean that she doesn't offer opinions (they're just always sweet). I always think it's funny when she sees something she doesn't like and she says "well isn't that just different" in her sweetest southern drawl.

I always think it's important when planning a wedding to be unique not different. It's fun for a bride and groom to insert aspects of themselves into the details of their special day but also important not to leave guests raising their eyebrows or whispering to one another, "wow isn't that a little weird/different?"

That's why I really liked Miranda Lambert's take on her bouquet. She took something very traditional and personalized it without it being too weird or over the top:
Her bouquet was a cluster of broaches~some antique and some new~but all gifted from special friends and family members. What a special way to recognize the wonderful women in your life on your wedding day.
Given that the colors and styles of the broaches blended well, I think it was the perfect compliment to her stylish country wedding and a wonderful way to make her bouquet a little more unique. Well done Miranda :)

Happy Hump Day!

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