Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life's a Circus

Saturday night, my hubby and I ventured out to an auction event to raise money for Partnerships for Children, a local Austin based charity. The theme was circus with the invitation reading "Join us under the big top!"

The event was so well organized and the decor was so fun and lively. It was a great event to support such a great cause.

Over the last few years, fashion and circus have been intertwined at different points, whether seen here in the window displays at Bergdorf's from a few years ago,
in the ads for the 'Twist' line at Forever 21
or in Pink's 'Funhouse' Tour in 2009
The circus remains a constant symbol of excitement, color and drama all three of which fashion crave. Given the upcoming release of "Water for Elephants" starring the darling Reese Whitherspoon, I would expect more and more circus craze in your life in the coming weeks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, have an awesome week!! :)

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