Monday, April 11, 2011

Bringing the Outdoors In

I had a fantastic weekend which began with a gorgeous Friday night boat ride down Lake Austin with my hubby! What a beautiful and romantic evening.
The weekend continued with some work outside and inside of our house. My sweet husband bought and planted a hot pink azalea in our backyard (if your husband was watching the Masters like mine, then you probably caught glimpses of millions of these lining the course).
It inspired me to bring a little more color into our Living room in the form of a few knick knacks and accessories like this fun pillow I found on sale.
In addition, I was outside today and saw this beautiful butterfly on my husband's new lemon tree I bought him for his birthday. Look at that gray and orange combo! Even nature is trying to tell me these two colors belong cool!
Hope you have a great week and are able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful out of doors!

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