Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Big Long Tables

I have to say that I really love big long tables at weddings. At our wedding, we had no choice but to have twelve top circular tables dispersed across the room. A big long table would not have worked. I think it can be done well in may ways,
1) If you are having a smaller, more intimate affair then everyone can feel included by being at the same table with the bride and groom.
2) If you are having a larger wedding, it can be easier and more fun to have long tables and mix things up a little.
3) A bride and groom can sit with both sides of the family or with their wedding party (to avoid reverting back to the cliche "head table" at the reception, have this long table situated amongst all the others. There is nothing worse than having to face the entire room while eating (especially if you are in some hideous taffeta creation.)

Here are a few photos of some sumptuous long tables that I love:
This table features large potted plants along the center of the table.
But this is my absolute favorite! Nothing says romance like a wine garden and chandeliers. Well done!
All of these and many more can be found on my FAVORITE wedding blog, Style Me Pretty! If you aren't addicted yet, you will be!

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