Monday, March 14, 2011

Brand New Blue Bath

The Mr and I have been so pleased with how our bedroom and bathroom paint looks that we finally got the nerve to tackle our least favorite room in the house...the hallway bathroom. We have hated the color of the walls since we first stepped in the door but have not changed it yet....well, a few weeks ago when our Horns took on the Aggies felt like the perfect time for us to take on our own maroon bathroom!
Picking the right color:
It's primed and ready for a fabulous new look:
Here is what inspired my direction for this bathroom: I found this post on one of my new favorite blogs and it reminded me of our bathroom.
Mr was adamant that we not paint the bathroom cabinet and we are not interested in investing the $$ to change the tile, so I had dark brown cabinets and cream tile to work with. Mostly, we needed a lighter paint color to liven and lighten this space since it is a hallway bathroom with no windows. Well here is a look at the final product:
Tah Dahhhh! Finally something a little more soft. We are so happy with how things turned out. Have a great week!

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