Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Short List

I have several friends that are engaged at the moment, so I have been dishing out suggestions and sharing what I know left and right (which I do not mind at all. in fact, I love it!)

Here is my short list for a few Austin vendors in case you want to share with friends that are  also planning their special day:
Unfortunately, the girls that did mine are no longer in business for weddings but here are the ones I suggest:
1) Keith at Westbank Flower Market! He’s amazing and does incredible work. He has amazing talent! He’s #1 for sure!!
2) I have been to a few weddings where the flowers have been from and they were beautiful. 
3) Verbena was my second choice for my wedding. They are unbelievably talented. 

1) Mine came from Simon Lee Bakery and they were incredible. So affordable and delicious! They are in Pflugerville so it was a little bit of a drive from Austin but totally worth it. 
2) The other people I interviewed that are really popular here in Austin are the Cake Plate

Happy Planning!!
(all photos by Ashley Garmon Photographers)

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