Monday, November 28, 2011

Laundry Lady

Our home is absolutely beyond perfect and I am so thankful for it! However, if I was to add one thing to it, it would be a laundry room. I had no clue the amount of laundry one husband could produce! It truly is a remarkable feat. 

Right now, this is about what I have only without the cute paint or the ability to have shelving & hanging iron board since our laundry closet is visible from the kitchen and family room:
So I like to think about the organization, functionality and characteristics I would like in my laundry room (yes, I am silly I know):

Lots of counter space and a big window: (I also love the white subway tile!)
 Lots of baskets for sorting clothes:
 Love these counter tops & the pretty blue bottles:
 Love the splash of colorful wallpaper, the wire cabinets and the chandelier!!
Another big window, long counter and a pop of color:
A girl can dream can't she :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

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