Sunday, October 23, 2011

Outdoor Dining DIY

Since we are now experiencing gorgeous, cool temperatures in Austin, I have been thinking of all sorts of fun things to do outside our home to make our backyard even more beautiful and enjoyable. 

This summer while we were in France, we ate at an incredible restaurant in Avignon called La Mirande. The restaurant, situated in a charming hotel, has a beautiful patio and garden which offer a stunning experience in the heart of Provence. Situated just across the street from the ancient papal palace, you can enjoy an incredibly delicious meal with beautiful rose bushes, fruit trees and the turrets of the castle hanging over you. It's divine!
 We thoroughly enjoyed our meal (I included a few cute pics of myself & the Mr with my parents) and also LOVED the retractable pergola that covered the patio at night. It did not obscure any of the view and instead created a royal-like canopy.
 Since we have been back in Austin, we constantly talk about putting one in our own backyard....
 Yesterday, I ran across this post on the Luxist where I saw one for sale via Plow & Hearth. Unfortunately, it costs about $1,000 and requires assembly.
For that,  we are considering building our own...Keep you posted on this outdoor project!

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