Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fantastic New Show

I am absolutely in love with Sarah 101 on HGTV!! Sarah and her assistant, Tommy,  walk you through their beautiful design projects and inspire & teach every step of the way!! Her personality is upbeat and creative (not annoying like many of the others) and Tommy also has flawless taste. Mostly I love that the show really gives you a look inside their thought a want-to-be designer, it's so fun to hear why they select the fabrics, trim, and paint that they do!!

HGTV says is best, "Sarah 101 is a back-to-basics crash course in design that breaks every project into simple building blocks and showcases Sarah’s signature approach of tips and tricks to solve design problems, so that you can transform any room in your home!"

Here are a few pictures from their room re-do's that I LOVE:
What's more, is they also include a Shopping Guide for each episode!! For instance, click here to see the Shopping Guide for this awesome, masculine "Sophisto-Nursey":
Tune in and watch this great new show!! Yay Tommy and Sarah :)

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