Thursday, September 29, 2011

Living Room To Do's

I have made myself quite a list of to do's in order to complete our Living Room: 
1)    Order sea grass rug for the Living Room from Natural Area Rugs
2)    Put the striped chairs that have been currently in the office on craigslist. 
3)    Move the brown wooden arm chairs into the office in the place of the other two striped ones. This will alleviate us from having to paint the brown wood as these look awesome next to our brown bar. These two chairs also help the room feel more open since the legs let you see more of the rug than the small club chairs did.
4)    Buy 2 of these chairs from Urban Outfitters for the Living Room
These will go in the Living room under the windows and will bring a pop of color into the room, while also playing off the blue rug we currently have in the office.
5)    Look for a very cheap linen that we could recover the brown armchairs in (either a bright red or orange SOLID). 
6)    Paint the lamp in the Living room a high gloss white that matches the trim in the room.
7)    Spray paint the white iron table a high gloss white that matches the lamp and trim.
8)    Return the white shade currently on the lamp to HomeGoods.
9)    Buy a really dark shiny navy blue shade
12) Purchase this mirror from IKEA and hang it horizontally over the Living room sofa

This list is certainly for the long term and budget permitting but it's nice to have a long term plan for the space. Here is what I hope it will look like when I am finished (I included an updated design pic of the office as well since the two are right next to one another):


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