Friday, September 2, 2011

Highly Entertaining

A friend recommended this site, Suri's Burn Book, to me for some giggles and Hollywood gossip. It has made my Friday!
The author writes about Hollywood children and gossip from the perspective from none other than the fabulous and fashionable Suri Cruise. With comments like

"PLEASE SEND COUTURE AND HAIRBRUSHES." (in regards to the Afleck-Garner children)

"That’s right. I’m beautiful, I’m stylish, and I’m also hilarious."

"Jean shorts. I don’t even OWN jean shorts. Or shorts. Or jeans. Zahara’s wearing jean shorts to a performance of Shrek: The Musical. Forget about getting an invitation to my treehouse for tea, Zahara. We are officially frenemies."
Absolutely hilarious!

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