Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lucite in the Living Room?

What do you think about a lucite coffee table in the Living Room? I have desperately wanted a covered bench or ottoman to serve as a centerpiece for our Living room:
But the other night, I began to worry about the functionality of it. It would be perfect for larger parties if while friends were mingling, they could casually perch on the ottoman, but it would not be ideal for serving on...

I've noticed that whenever we have friends over for entertaining or dinner, they all culminate in our kitchen, which in the midst of my dinner prep, is certainly the least glamourous part of our home. Since we now have a bar in our home study, I think our Living room and study would be the perfect place to "direct" guests. If that's the case then I will certainly need a sturdy table to serve off of.

Here are some lovely lucite photos I have been browsing through. I love how clean it looks. Enjoy!

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