Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IKEA vs. Crate and Barrel

Yesterday I had to eat my salad with a spoon because there were no forks anywhere on our entire floor. So, after I whined a lot and finally just gave up, I decided it was time to outfit the kitchen at our new office with flatware, some dinnerware, a few serving trays and glasses so we'll be more green.

I priced out exactly what I needed at IKEA then realized that I could only order one of the items online, so I skipped over to Crate and Barrel to see what the same thing would be at their store. I was shocked to discover that the same order at C&B was over $500 more. Whoa!

Here is what I bought:

2 large serving bowls, 10 small cereal bowls
2 large serving platters

1 small serving tray
20 dinner plates
20 glasses
8 place settings of this matching flatware
Can you tell which store I purchased these from? Here's a hint, these delightful goodies will be stocking our office come 7-10 business days... :)

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