Thursday, May 12, 2011

Emily Post

“Manners & Etiquette go hand in hand, but are not the same. Etiquette is a set of rules dealing with exterior form & Manners are an expression of inner character!”

Emily Post

Today I am headed to California for 10 days to run a Hospitality program for many of our sponsors and partners as we follow the cycling race across the State. I always think about my Mom a lot while I am working one of my programs because all the things she taught me growing up seem to be very applicable (dang it. Mom was right again!) Mom used to constantly say things like, "Well you'll need to know this for the next time you go to eat with the Queen." Well it may not be the queen but I will certainly be dining and entertaining lots of folks over the next week or so. Time to plaster on that smile and put my Emily Post knowledge to good use....And we're off!

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