Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions but this year I decided to give it a go. My resolution was to read more books (too many nights I turn on the TV and stare aimlessly at some mindless show). Here is what I have read so far this year along with a few comments:
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (read while I was traveling in Asia)
the Twilight series (the 4th is by far the best & the books are better than the movies)
The Help (FANTASTIC! Read it!)
Water for Elephants
19 Minutes (THE BEST! A story about a school shooting told from the perspective of the shooter, one of the victims, the shooter's mother and the victim's mother-Gripping and makes you think! Incredible read! )
Decision Points (incredibly interesting. I enjoyed President Bush's sense of humor and a glimpse into his role as President)
The Botticelli Secret (the story of a murder and how it relates to one of the artist's most famous paintings. very similar to the DaVinci Code)
The Pilot's Wife (entertaining but sad without a lot of redemption in the end)

Right now, I am on the hunt for some good books on cd as I will be driving a lot over the next few weeks across the State of California during the Tour. Any suggestions, please send them my way!!

Also, just think. When you are done reading all these good books, you can use them to color and flavor your home like I described here. Enjoy!

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