Friday, April 1, 2011

Je suis malade :(

Unfortunately, I spent most of the weekend curled up in bed sick and have been fighting something off this week at work as well. However, there was a silver lining to me being laid up all weekend. It gave me time to spend reading. I am reading some great books right now including one great novel, two great design books and several for planning my trip to France this summer. More coming on that...

I also had plenty of time to catch up on some mindless TV including more than enough 'Sex and the City' reruns on E! and the latest movie. I couldn't help but notice some of the fabulous design elements used in Carrie's NYC apartment.
1) I love the color of her room is so stunning. I also love all the beautiful lamp light.
2) The cluster of framed artwork over her bed.
3) Her feminine mirrored vanity!
4) The mix of seating in her living room.
5) Her beautifully hidden storage in the Living Room. Doesn't every gal need a good place to hide her mess?

For these images and so many more movie homes, visit one of my new favorite blogs, Hooked on Houses.

Have a happy Hump Day and take lots of Vitamin C folks :) XOXO!

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