Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

As a newlywed, I still love to read and look at pictures at the cute ideas and creative styles of weddings. The fact that many of my friends are still getting married also allows me to experience lots of different traditions and see plenty of different visions brought to life.

Here is one of my favorite weddings of late that Southern Living featured. Take a look at a few of the things the bride did that made this special day even more unique (and could totally be replicated this Spring in your own home or backyard!)
The bride used vintage china for the reception. Too cool! It would also be fun and a cost saving measure to borrow china from relatives (ie mix your grandmother's, mom's and aunts' patterns) to create a mixed array of sentimental place settings.
Truly the coolest party favor: Mason jars tied with ribbon so kids at the reception could catch fireflies. What a truly perfect picture!
Lighting always has a huge effect no matter how simple or where you are!
Now this is a wedding I would have been part of! XOXO!

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