Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sister's Bedroom Wall

My little sister is in NYC for graduate school. Last week when she was home for Spring Break, she posed the issue that she needs some art for her bedroom. So, I took to the blogs & internet to see what I could come up with that would be on a budget.

First, I did some research and brainstormed on what would look best given that it's such a tight space: click here for some tips about Wall Decor. Even more helpful perhaps, was this little bit from Elements of Style and the talented Erin Gates. Here is the look I put together to make a cluster that would hang just over her bed:
What do you think? Here is a description of what is below:

A: This pink and green print is part of a larger series called “Paris vs. NYC.” At first I thought it would just be cool to do three or four of these but then I decided just to use one. I like the one with macaroons and the cupcake b/c of the color. It’s an 8x10 print and sells for $24.00.

B: This photo I love! It’s simple but the color is great. It’s an 8x8 print and sells for $25.00

C: This poster is part of the “Keep Calm” series but I thought this one is hilarious since it has to do with Harry Potter. It’s only a 5x7 but it also only costs $10.00. I think it’s a Must Have since my sis loves HP!

D: This frame you could find just about anywhere but I selected this one with the three different slots for 4x6 photos. It’s on sale at Pottery Barn for $23.00: I really like the quality of their frames.

E: This smoky print has a pink undertone to it which I like. It makes it more interesting in my opinion. It sells for $25 and measures 8X8.

F: These vintage keys could by hung any way you like. Only $19.00 for a set of 7, I think it’s a pretty good deal. This also introduces another color/metal into the cluster which I think is necessary.

G: I also think she should do a larger 5x7 with a big white mat around it. Those look very elegant. It could be done in any size but I think it's important to keep it horizontal. I also found this frame on Pottery Barn (see letter D).

H: The biggest of all the pieces at 11x14, this print is still only $26.00.

Well, how did I do? We'll see....Hope I'm not fired already :) Ha! Happy Saturday!

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