Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Restaurant Recommendation: Nashville

Two weeks ago when I was in Nashville for business, I took a group of sponsors to dine at the Watermark Restaurant. Though having never been to Nashville before, I knew the reputation of this establishment was excellent.
The wine and beer from the local brewery were very memorable while the food struck just the perfect note. The favorite dishes of the night had to be

roasted beet salad

speck, beet chips, pea shoots, chevre, apple cider vinaigrette

barbeque white shrimp

crispy grit dumplings, celery root, black radish remoulade

(the celery root was by far the best flavor while the grit dumplings fell flat)

wood grilled beef filet

creamed leeks, pommes duchesse, green peppercorn sauce

Henry Fudge wood grilled pork loin 29.

rutabaga and Fuji apple gratin, swiss chard, spiced apple butter

Given the cool interior design, the great flow of the bar and the good cuisine, I would happily recommend this place to anyone traveling to Nashville. Located in the Gulch area of town, one can really enjoy several local bars after dinner the best of which is right next door, the Wine Loft. Don't forget to spread the word with your friends!

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